CONTACT US The Independent Record Shop Limited 7 Shurdington Road Cheltenham Spa Gloucestershire GL53 0JB email: Phone: 07831 372 642 Company Number: 2766755
NORMAL OPENING TIMES Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and all bank holidays. Full details on a daily basis included on our front of house door. Outside of these opening hours personal appointments for buying or selling always available.
Plus we try and help our customers find anything record/music based that they would be interested in purchasing.

Do you have a list of records you want?

Let us know what you want or collect and if we have it in stock or come across anything, we'll let you know.

Get in touch with us and let us know if there is anything in particular you'd

like to get your hands on. Also, if you have collections you no longer need pop


Phone: 07831 372 642

Wants & Wanted
A mixture of cheap and cheerful records and new releases from selected artists. Records are sourced in the UK from Old Spitalfields Market, Notting Hill and other shops. The owner's specialist interest in 78's, Punk and Reggae keeps the conversation lively and up tempo. We regularly buy & sell vinyl at auctions of all styles from the Lake District to the South Coast - we hold a large amount of vinyl as stock, but tend to turn this over every 3 months - we are specially known for weekly supplies of updated 2 second hand vinyl which has queues when we ever open! Albums are sold from 25p but customers are warned these are sold by the end of every weekend they come into the shop, this is a deliberate policy to change stock 7 inch 45’s come in all the time from personal collections - we are known for best prices being paid - end of every quarter as they are sent off to our ‘partnered’ record shop in Barcelona, which adds to our international experience We stock ‘new releases’ but only ones we like. Recently this included a lovely signed edition of Graham Coxon’s new vinyl & comic-book for soundtrack for Superstate film. This came directly from USA by personal order - at last research we were the only record shop in the UK to have such copies! Well situated on a roundabout, which is the main entrance to Cheltenham from the M5 (Junction) opposite the Norwood Arms pub. It is a pleasant environment for the whole family experience in one of the country's most special of spa towns. If you are making or planning to make a long journey, PLEASE CALL before. We don't want anyone to have a wasted journey and whilst twitter is great for updates and short notice alerts, a call would ensure all is OK.

Our record shop was established in 2008 from out of an MBA course at

Gloucestershire University and based in Cheltenham Spa.

We offer Specialist vinyl, both new and 2nd hand, for sale and exchange. The

Record shop is modelled on the classic Portabello Road - Notting Hill vinyl

collectors dream retail outlet.

“There is plenty to keep you busy on Bath Road, whether that is shopping in one of the

numerous independent shops like the brilliant The Record Shop, the perfect spot for all

your vinyl music needs.”

Gloucestershire Live, 17th June 2021

“Some great buys today from the best record shop in Gloucestershire!!!”

Alistair E on Twitter, 27th August 2021

Personalised appointments are intended to provide convenient times

for key customers from all over the UK & Europe

Appointments are available during the week and evenings and if this is something you are interested in then please get in touch with Martyn to make your booking.
Personalised Pre-Appointments
Pay and display parking is available directly opposite at the Norwood pub. After shopping with us stop and have a drink or bite to eat and if you do your parking charge will be refunded.
Read more about The Independent Record Shop in this article published on Gloucestershire Live in January 2022. Read more HERE

“It’s you helping me through the cost of living crisis -

sensible priced vinyl, allows the beers”

Marcus L on Twitter, 13th August 2022

The Independent Record Shop are again organising record sales events at our record shop & elsewhere in UK, including record fairs & auctions. Announcement: The next #Vinylevent for 2023 takes place on Saturday 1st July 2023 from 12:00 noon at our record shop in #Cheltenham, they will be ‘repeated’ on the first Saturday of every month. Stock including loads of 50p albums stored up for this occasion. Keeping records at competitive prices.

“Spent a great half an hour in the company of the wonderful Martin at The

Independent Record Shop, very entertaining and a great selection of quality vinyl!

I’ll be back!”

NortholtPaul on Twitter, 25th February 2023

“If you have not visited, you must! Been in the big city the weekend and popped in a

few records shops and a record fair! Well all I can say quality is on my door step, prices

are more than reasonable here and you have to wonder why others are so expensive.”

Marcus on X (Twitter), 9th March 2024